Our goal is for NSEF projects to work on solutions that help catalyse social change. For generations, social support, education and training skills have been neglected in many levels for the Guinea-Bissau communities. We here mainly to help building a better community living for the people from Guinea-Bissau.

The times have changed and we live in a challenging and globally connected world. Our strategy is establishing a number of working projects to take forward various initiatives that help local people progress at a pace that meets their individual needs, and help them master the skills for better perform their daily work. We will regularly measure the progress of these initiatives against our overall objective of reducing extreme poverty and community disadvantage through quality education, engineering technology support and skills training.

Examples of our key community projects are the followings:
Technology Aid Guinea-Bissau

NSEF Technology Aid (TA)'s mission is to help good causes use engineering technology to achieve better results for the Bissau Guinean community for less money. This means TA partnering with public and private institutions, NGOs, charities and non-profit organisations to help access services they need to fulfill their potential.

NSEF Educational Farm Park

NSEF Educational Farm Park (EFP) aims for growing food productivity, therefore it offers an educational farm with a wide range of training and educational opportunities, including school visits and disable programmes. EFP to make agricultural data, business prospects, advice and support available to help boost community food production.

Made In Guinea-Bissau

The Made In to add value and developing indigenous local production by supporting, researching and suggesting a set of potential profiles for different types of production systems. Help Bissau Guinean products and manufacturing strategies and deals with possibilities for the global commercialization of these products made in the country.

Community Care Guinea-Bissau

The mission of NSEF Community Care Guinea-Bissau (CCGB) is to support NSEF's Nursing Team and local poor communities with pharmacy services and their required primary health care services at low cost and at no cost. CCGB is convenient for those, mainly in the small towns or rural areas, who can't easily access other kinds of health service in Guinea-Bissau.

International Society of Engineers

NSEF International Society of Engineers (ISE) for Guinea-Bissau aims at social development support and aspirations of the engineering sector, and aids in providing the engineering expertise needs for the country's industrial strategy. ISE actively engages in increasing the number of engineers from Guinea-Bissau and looks to placing them in corporations around globe.

Impact Pansau Na Isna

In the NSEF Impact Pansau Na Isna (IPNI) project we operate as an impact hub for initiatives involved with environmental causes, food and rural affairs and who are interested in working with us in different projects to tackle social concerns, food production and lack of environmental awareness in the rural areas of Guinea-Bissau.

NSEF Marine Guinea-Bissau

The mission of NSEF-MARINE (a marine and fishing federation) is to help with volunteering, engineering and technology to support the development of artisanal fishing and to contribute to the marine activities in the rivers and seas around Guinea-Bissau so that they are carried out in a sustainable way and for the benefit of the local communities and environment mainly in the rural areas.

Maths & Science 4 Youth

Maths & Science 4 Youth is NSEF's maths and science education trust and after school club which offers a personalized learning resource such as practice exercises and instructional videos that empower local young people to study at their own pace in maths, science and computer programming inside or outside of the classroom.