Technological education and aid to develop innovative local community organising initiatives to support entrepreneurship, employability skills training, supplementary education, well-being and community growth.

Guinea-Bissau Communities

People in Guinea-Bissau suffer disproportionate levels of poverty, lack of education and inequalities. Around 50% of the population of Guinea-Bissau live in extreme poverty and 78% of the population fails to complete secondary school (studies 2015). Those who have managed to move and live in the UK continue to suffer higher levels of poverty, lack education and inequality. These low levels of education affect over 65% of these descendants who live internationally.

Our work which aims at empowering Guinea-Bissau community and consequently improving peoples lives socially and economically in the country and abroad. We develop a community organising project designed to help equip and provide the Bissau Guinean communities with ample facilities for education, training, enterprise, work, leisure and recreation.

And finally NSEF's engineering section in Guinea-Bissau is an Engineering Hub to support the engineering profession and to work with business in the country to help develop skills they need.

We will campaign for the construction of the best possible infrastructures in Guinea-Bissau to support the key projects of the NSEF for the education and training of thousands of youth, teachers, professionals and parents in Guinea-Bissau.

What do we do about the technology engagement?

We are establishing a number of working projects to take forward various initiatives. We will regularly measure the progress of these initiatives against our overall objective of reducing poverty and community disadvantage through quality education by:

  • developing education and skills training programmes for schools and communities;
  • supporting access to technology mainly for Guinea-Bissau youth and women in the deprived and poor communities;
  • promoting access to technology for the organisations that have educational, social and environmental objectives as their core mission in Guinea-Bissau;
  • campaigning for the infrastructural needs of the NSEF project in Guinea-Bissau;
  • helping Guinea-Bissau descendants to up-skill and look for opportunities back home.