Nenita Sa Engineering Foundation - NSEF is London-based institution for Guinea-Bissau communities with four educational Programmes. The work of the Foundation is lead and strategically supported by a distinguished group of people acting as leaders, Trustees, Directors, advisers and collaborators. Apart from the majority of the people in the group being Bissau-Guinea-born and having a good understanding of the current facts, they all share the same commitment to the future prosperity of Guinea-Bissau communities.

Management capacity

The Foundation's leaders derived from both academic and industrial backgrounds. Each member has his own area of expertise to help the NSEF project to succeed in both the organisation's day-to-day and long-term life.

According to its legal status, the NSEF is run by a Board of Trustees consisting of six members, and a Management Committee with a Board of Directors, a Communication Committee, and a Quality Committee.

The Board of Trustees is chaired by João Adriano Conduto Junior (MSc(Econ)) and José Lingna Nafafé (Ph.D.).

The Management Committee implements the decisions of the Board of Trustees and ensures the daily management of the services of the Foundation. The Foundation Programmes Team (FPT) leads the NSEF's engagement with donors, sponsors, partners, members and general public. The FPT is headed by Helder da Silva (Ph.D.), Elisabete Furtado (BA), Natalia Satunova (BA) and Moacir Barbosa (MSc):

Helder da Silva

Head of Engineering & Quality

Elisabete Furtado

Head of Business Development

Natalia Satunova

Head of Communication

Moacir Barbosa

Head of Education and Skills.


The primary decision-making bodies of the NSEF are the Board of Trustees and the Management Committee.

Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees defines strategic objectives mainly on the basis of the orientations decided by the Management Committee and coordinates their implementation and adaptation to changes affecting the implementation of the NSEF's Programmes.

João Adriano Conduto Júnior (Chair)

FOR-MAR - Senior Staff and a Consultant in Internationalization of Business, Portugal.

Dr. José Lingna Nafafé (Honorary Chair)

Bristol University - Researcher and Lecturer in Portuguese and Lusophone Studies, UK.

Brigita Jurisic (Trustee)

City, University of London - IP Commercialisation and Incubator Manager, UK.

Sergio da Silva (Trustee)

Masabi Ltd - Global Support Manager, UK.

Dr. Gunaratnam Sooriyakumar (Trustee)

Ivalley Limited - Founder and Chief Technical Officer, UK.

Marcio Gomes (Trustee)

Ofsted - Testing and Deployment Manager, UK.

Management Committee

The main objectives of the Management Committee is to increase the quality of our services, to make NSEF accessible to more people and to defend its social interest. Its missions are to adopt the strategies from the Board of Trustess, monitor the implementation of those strategies, and protect NSEF's assets. As a company limited by guarantee, our Managing Director is responsible for the overall control and implementation of strategic direction of the project.

Helder da Silva
Chief Executive Officer
Elisabete Furtado
Head of Business Development
Moacir Barbosa
Head of Education and Skills
Janette da Silva
Assistant Director
Adex Watna da Silva
Executive Secretary
Bartelonia Almeida
HR & Synergies
Igualdino Gomes Correia
Information Technology
Natalia Satunova
Head of Communication
Kari-Ann Sa
NSEF Global
Joaquim Agostinho da Silva
Education Campaign Manager
José Nelson Có Monteiro
Technology Campaign Manager
Domingos da Silva
Health Care Campaign Manager
Carlos Conduto
Environmental Campaign Manager
Maria Santa da Silva Gomes
Woman Empowerment Campaign Manager
Didier Té
History and Culture Campaign Manager
Edgar Sa da Silva
Sports Campaign Manager

The Foundation's Programmes are named Active Guinea-Bissau (AGB), Maria da Conceiҫão Té (MCT) institute of education, Woman House Guinea-Bissau (WHGB) and Association of Guinea-Bissau and Lusophone (AGBL) countries for education, women empowerment, community development and engagement of Guinea-Bissau communities.


Key individuals (advisers, collaborators and contributors) who are experts in different fields are involved as contributors and special advisers in order to help us improve what we do and to boost the impact we have in our mission of improving Bissau Guinean society. Key collaborators are presented below:

Kishore Kanani

Hackney CVS - Senior Organisational Development Manager, UK.

David Alan Staton (PhD)

Motor Design Ltd - Founder and President, UK.

Mike Clare (BA, MA)

Retired - Database consultant, UK.